Important Date: Confirmation will be celebrated on April 15, 2018 during 11 am Mass at St. Bernard's.

Decision Point session 6:

Our sixth Decision Point session was entitled "Relationships" This session focused on the importance of relationships for the Christian life.

Please remember that attendance at these sessions is mandatory for all Confirmation candidates. If a candidate misses a class, they will be expected to make up the material by viewing the videos online and working through the reflection/discussion questions in their book.

Session 6 Homework for absentees:

- View the Decision point Session 6 videos here:

- Work through the discussion questions in the candidate book after each video.

Session 6 Homework for EVERYONE:

- watch video "6.5. Decision Point".  The videos can be located and streamed here:

- complete Discussion Questions on p. 163 and the crossword on p. 164

NOTE:  Absentees -view all the videos from the session (see link above) .

Absentees this past session will be quizzed on content next session.


List of important upcoming dates:

January 21 - Decision Point Session "Eucharist"

February 18 - Decision Point Session "Holy Spirit"

February 25 - Decision Point Session "the Church"

March 4 - Decision Point Session "Confirmation"

March 18 - Decision Point Session "Made for Mission / Holiness is Possible"

April 14 - Retreat Day plus rehearsal

April 15 - CONFIRMATION (11 am Mass at St. Bernard's)