English-speaking Mission Pilgrimage to Kloster Neuzelle

The ESM will be making a pilgrimmage to Kloster Neuzelle, south of Frankfurt/Oder. Originally established as a Cistercian monastery 750 years ago, the monastery was dissolved in the early 1800s by King Frederick William III of Prussia, and the monastic complex was secularized over the following 200 years. However, a Cistercian monastery was re-established there in 2018. The monastery church of the original monastery is still used by the monks for Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours. During our visit, we will see the church, cloister and other buildings, with an opportunity to pray Vespers in the church.

We will take the train from Berlin Hauptbahnhof at 10:45 h and return by train around 21:45 h.

To register, please contact Christof Morrissey (see contact at the bottom of this post).